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All Kinds of Routes

Solo Travelers

Solo Travelers

Get any number of personal or off-the-shelf routes to discover new cities.

Business Travelers

Business Travelers

Generate exciting walking routes near you when you have time.

Routes for Locals

Routes for Locals

Discover new routes and landmarks in your home city over the weekends.

Personal Routes

Personal Routes

Generate personal
routes based on your

Submit your travel and food preferences and generate an unlimited number of personal routes for any location.

Quick Adjustment

Quickly adjust your
route by removing or
adding places

Search for more destination points and quickly embed them into your route or remove the irrelevant destinations.

Quick Adjustments
Routes Saving

Routes Saving

Save your favorite
routes and share
with friends

Add to favorites and keep track of the best routes and places, and share them with your friends.

Advances Filters

Find the desired
destinations with
advanced filters

Search for more places of interest by using convenient category filters.

Advances Filters
Off the shelf Routes

Off the shelf Routes

Explore plenty of
routes created
by others

Review, choose and adjust myriad of routes created by others.

Routes by regions

Explore plenty of existing routes by regions

Our Users Speak

YOWAY is used by people from all over the world

The “Mini-sculptures of Uzhhorod” route was a great finding. Without it, we wouldn’t have found even a fifth part of all those artworks.

Barbara's feedback


Warsaw, Poland

I had two hours of free time during my business trip to Kyiv. And YOWAY guided me perfectly over the places I enjoyed much.

William's feedback


New York, USA

I had no idea about several great sites near my house that YOWAY showed to me. Now I have more options for a refreshing walk.

Andriy's feedback


Kyiv, Ukraine

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